Yatsenko Vitaliy Alekseevich, Head of the Department, leading researcher. vyatsenko Dr. Yatsenko is famous expert in system-theoretical analysis of physical and biophysical nonlinear systems, mathematical modeling, control of chaos, advanced digital signal processing and optimization theory. He is the author of more than 230 scientific papers. Some of them are published in such famous periodicals as "Annals of Operation Research", "Computation Statistics and Data Analysis", "WSEAS Transaction on Systems" and "Mathematical Programming". He was the first to set and to investigate Lyapunov exponents control problem. The paper of him printed in "Mathematical Programming" was recognized the best one in operations research in the USA in 2004. He also was awarded with a diploma "Pierskall Best Paper Award". He was a participant of several international STCU and CRDF projects. He was the project manager for the international STCU project "Optical-cryogenic sensor development for high-precision gravitational measurements". The scientific work main direction is the development of forward-looking space implementation devices using new physical princips.