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For the Ukrainian market IBS offers the whole range of IBM products:



Servers of this type are highly reliable, provide enormous capacity and the highest level of information security.

System/360, the first series of machines from the product line, was developed in 1964. It immediately achieved a great success, becoming the first general-purpose multiuser computer system in the world. IBM S/390 Parallel Sysplex cluster technology provides the highest level of failure protection - 99,9999%, which corresponds to 5 minutes of idle time per year. Today manufacturers have already announced the 5th generation of such systems - IBM S/390 G5.

S/390 mainframe is widely used to run the critical applications. S/390 is an ideal platform for Customer Information Control System - CICS, relational database DB2 and hierarchical database for mainframes IMS.


This is a reliable and scaleable platform for more than 10 thousand UNIX applications. RS/6000 is one of the most well-known UNIX platforms: there were more than 600 thousand systems installed in 150 countries of the world.

RS/6000 SP is the high-end model of this family. It has become known all over the world thanks to a chess game. A year after the historic victory of DEEP BLUE over Harry Kasparov, IBM announced a new RS/6000 SP model with the capacity by 5 times exceeding that of DEEP BLUE. RS/6000 operates as a host server in many huge computer systems of the world including Olympic Web page in Nagano, where it processed 650 million queries during 16 days of Olympic Games.

RS/6000 servers are the most popular amongst companies, which use SAP R/3 enterprise management system and Oracle applications.


AS/400 is the most universal product line due to its unique flexibility in adjusting to the new trends of the computer industry. Starting from 1995 ninety-eight companies from top Fortune 100 of the world largest companies rely on AS/400 in their everyday business. Today there are more than 500 thousand machines of this family installed all over the world.

This platform has a unique architecture optimised for a large number of queries and data processing not requiring high computing capacity. Therefore, it is the most frequently used server in banking and in corporate solutions, where it is important to minimise the time of processing of numerous customer queries. The system also got the highest marks in the area of communication management. The last modification is called AS/400e, where «e» means «e-business» - a booming trend associated with a permanently increasing role of Internet in everyday life.

IBM Netfinity.

Servers from Netfinity family have become a new generation of the Intel-based servers manufactured by IBM, showing the most reliable technologies for business applications and providing capacity and control at an affordable price. Due to scaleability and variety of configurations IBM Netfinity servers can be used by small, medium-size businesses, as well as by large companies. The variety of applications for these systems is practically unlimited because of compatibility and interoperatibility with the majority of software packages from Lotus, Novell, Microsoft, SCO, SAP, Oracle, Baan and other vendors.


During the last years the main idea behind the PC production by IBM is the «decrease of the total cost of ownership», which means not only the lowest selling price, but also the substantial increase in reliability, easier PC management and administration, increase of in-use time and lower costs of upgrade and repairs. It becomes possible by using the latest technologies at all and every step of computer manufacturing process.

IBM Intellistation

IBM Intellistation is a professional graphics station, which is a transition model between personal computers and RISC-stations. The name of the system implies its functions: the computer is designed to operate with the complex applications, such as graphics editors and large databases. Thus Intellistation is an ideal solution for those users, who are used to PC interface, but desire to have the mid-range system capacity.

IBM ThinkPad

IBM mobile computers are considered the elite notebooks for their ultimate quality and reliability. At the same time their prices are at the level of those from other manufacturers. Wide range of models allows the customer to choose an optimal configuration of a notebook, starting from ultra-thin up to full-featured IBM ThinkPad models.

IBM Network Station

IBM Network Station is often called the most successful business product of the last years. It enables all the networking advantages at the same time releasing the user from all kinds of problems that are usually related to the network environment. Neither replacement of the existing systems, nor their change is required. Having the size of a notebook an IBM Network Station can be easily attached to a desktop monitor and integrated with any hardware platform. It can run any user application or process data from the network server.

Networking Equipment

IBM manufactures and develops not only servers and workstations, but also the networking equipment. IBM provides all of the needed components for the most complex network solutions. IBM equipment operates with the full range of network protocols starting from Ethernet and Token-Ring up to ATM.

Storage Products

IBM pays a lot of attention to the development and implementation of the new storage technologies. IBM Storage Division delivers products almost to all computer manufacturers.

DASD systems are designed for all hardware platforms and demonstrate a high working capacity and reliability. Tape and magnetic-optical libraries are able to store large volumes of information.


IBM manufactures and develops operating systems for all types of hardware starting from OS/2 for personal computers up to multi-task MVS for S/390. Meanwhile IBM pays great attention to system and application software in terms of the e-business concept. The well known and popular software packages from IBM are: DB2, SystemView network management system, ADSM back-up system, HACMP cluster management system, MERVA interface for SWIFT connection and many others. IBM takes care of a cross-platform software compatibility and actively supports the open standards.