Prom-Sitall Scientific-Industrial Company fullfils works and services cinnected with power economy at industrial plants as well as at administrative, public and dwelling buildings.

SIC Prom-Sitall disposes of high-qualified staff with specialists in construction, heat and electrical power engineering, water supply, ventilation, having rich practical experience of work at enterprises of machine building, constaction, ferrous metallurgy, chemical, mining and food industries.

SIC Prom-Sitall in cooperation with State Commitee for Industrial Policy, State Commitee for Power Economy, Academy of Architecture and Construction, JSC Sitall, JSC Promtechmontazh-2 and otther major industrial and construction companies realizes following works and services in the field of power resources economy:

Audit of the enterprises with rendering detailed reports about energy situation there with grounded recommendations what organization, technical and technological measures must be taken to ensure economy of energy and other resources.

Utilization of high-efficiently local-produced and imported boiling equipment.
Utilization of reliable local-produced boiling equipment, operating in fully automatic mode in combination with imported burners.
Reduce of power losses in heat mainlines.
Conversion of some establishments to local heating systems.
Use of infra-red heaters for local heating of huge premises.
Taking complex measures to reduce power losses in buildings.
Use of gas-air heaters to heat small and large premises.

Implementation of automatic operation and control systems for power consumption of enterprises on the basis of modern electronic countries and computer systems.

Developing of rational water supply networks.
Reconstruction of water supply networks.
Design, construction, installation of water supply networks and buildings.

Implementation of hot water supply from local heating units working in fully automatic mode.

Heating and supply of water by means of high efficiently steam units of "Transsonic" type.

Utilization of high efficiently small size heat exchange equipment.

Implementation of high efficiently systems for purification of domestic and industrial run-off.

Implementation and installation of equipment for commercial and technological audit of gas, electricity, water, heating and hot water supply heat.
Creation of common system for automotized audit of power resources consumption.

Design of Geos