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"I really enjoyed your wonderful hospitality. Everyone was most helpful and you made us feel very special, and that's important. Thank you for the lovely time. Perhaps I'll come back some day." (Irene Zigarliski, Canada)

"I count this cruise among my very successful tours. I knew very little about your country but I am leaving with good memories and enriched with knowledge thanks to the excellent guides and lecturer on board. A very special recognition to the cook for producing such tasty and attractively presented food." (Mrs. M. Ludick, South Africa)

"The cruise was imaginatively and exceptionally well handled. We enjoyed the diverse variety of excursions and excellent lectures, we much valued our free time." (Mr. & Mrs. Jacomb-Hood, UK)

"What did I enjoy most of all? Nothing more than anything - I enjoyed it all, especially the friendliness and charm of the Ukrainians." (Henry Davis, UK)

"Most of all I enjoyed seeing Ukraine from the comfort of the ship. The ship is very nice, very clean and well run. The folk group at the beginning of the cruise and the Black Sea Fleet ensemble in Sevastopol were outstanding. The fishing village tour was marvelous. The people who work on the ship all do excellent job. Galyna and Diana (Cruise Management) are exceptionally able. I will try to send more people to you." (Pat Garvis, USA)

"I am writing this letter because I want to let everyone who works on the boat know how much I appreciate their kindness, servanthood attitude and their love. I have never received this kind of service and friendliness on any other boat or hotel. All the people that work on the ship will always be my friends and will always have a special place in my heart." (Rob, USA)