"EPIS", Ltd is the young growing enterprise which provides development of small-sized welding power sources for various branches of national economy. The enterprise together with E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute of National Acade-my of Siences of Ukraine (NASU) also develops complex monitoring and control systems of the processes of welding of various kinds in different branches of the national economy.

         The enterprise carries out its activity in the following directions:

  • development, manufacturing of small-sized power-saving welding power sources;
  • development, manufacturing of the specialized power sources for welding in various branches of a national economy;
  • development of the monitoring and control systems of welding processes;
  • development of primary converters for monitoring and control systems.

         The enterprise was established in 1996 on the basis of E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute (PWI) of NASU and is placed in its territory. "EPIS" is closely connected with Electric Welding Institute, by making joint researches and putting in to practice technologies, developed in PWI. "EPIS" has contacts with manufacturers of welding equipment from Poland, Macedonia, Norway and many Ukrainian related enterprises. Certification of production is provided both under national, and the European and world standards of quality and powersaving.



03150, Ukraine, m.Kyiv, vul.Bojenka,11


+380(44)261-5844, +380(44)261-5102
Internet: http://my.elvisti.com/siparen/Epis_e.htm
Fax: +380(44)261-5844