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VORZEL ( ),settle, Kyiv region, Ukraine, subordinated Irpin towncouncil, railway station, ( 9.0 thousand inhabitants ). Map: Kiev-Vorzel Bakery factory, experimental station of beefcattle breeding, National Agricultural University of Ukraine.
Climatic health resort. Indications: diseases cordial-vessel and nervous system. Is based in 1900.,
( See. Ukrainian encyclopedia dictionary, Kiev, 1987

Located 5033" NL 3010" EL, 155 meters over level of sea of 35 kms westly of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Travel by train from stations Kyiv-Pass or Swjatoshino. Highway Kiev-Warsaw.
Birth of the settlment has been obliged to the beginning of Kiev - Kovel railway bilding in 1899, the regular traffic of trains starting in 1902. Since 1900 the estates of landowners Pehovsky and Kicheeva have been arisen. After revolution(1917) on the basis of these sites were created first clinic, after 1938 Vorsel stay republican health resort. At present there are 29 clinic here ( 7580 cot ). Perfect place for walk, and in a summer time for a air and solar bath - beach on a coast of the lake, where it is possible reach possession.
The relic tuliptree.