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Project Description

 During the Soviet era Ukraine was recognized as having the most prestigious computer training and research centers in the USSR.  With the demise of the Soviet Union, funding for these institutions dried up, and tens of thousands of highly trained technicians and programmers found themselves without employment.

 Although a number of European companies set up offices in several Ukrainian cities to tap into its IT talent, and still others actively recruited Ukrainian experts for employment in North America and Europe, the difficulties of establishing and operating businesses in Ukraine has discouraged systematic  exploitation of this valuable resource.

 This Project proposes to change this.  US companies now have the opportunity to satisfy their need for a wide range of IT talent (numbering in the  hundreds or even thousands) at a small fraction of the US equivalent cost.  They can do so without Ukrainian tax, regulatory, administrative, or cultural and linguistic constraints. And they can do so without risk.

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The Ukrainian Data Systems (UDS)

 The UDS is a subsidiary of a unique business organization that operates under an exclusive charter from the Ukrainian government to facilitate investments and employment in Ukraine.  Hence, it is an independent, government-sponsored entity that is free to conduct commercial transactions in the same manner as a private entity, but is accountable to the state for its operations, and can invoke the support of state agencies and authorities.  UDS employees operate under an incentive and performance based compensation package that ensures a responsive, can-do attitude.

As a business partner,  the UDS represents the best of all possible worlds in the current Ukrainian environment.  It operates as freely as any private sector, profit-oriented commercial organization with compensation tied to incentive awards and performance; while, at the same time, it has access to, and can invoke the support of, any governmental entity needed to resolve bureaucratic interference, corruption, or other obstacles.  It is in an ideal position to identify and recruit, throughout Ukraine, the IT skills and talents required by its clients.

Currently, the UDS consists of a core group of a dozen programmers, linguists, and technicians who are thoroughly familiar with the full range of IT operations and requirements.  They are prepared to provide immediate personal services, or to undertake the identification, recruitment, and oversight of a much larger group of IT professionals, as required by their US clients or business partners. They have links to most of the major cybernetic research and training centers in Ukraine, and maintain close ties with their professional colleagues.  While it is likely that some US managerial and administrative support will be necessary to ensure the efficient growth of this organization, the basis for such growth - without interference or delay - is currently in place.

In addition to highly sophisticated and specialized talent equal to the best in the world, the UDS is prepared to quickly recruit dozens or even hundreds of routine programmers and technicians capable of working through millions of lines of COBOL or other languages.

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 The UDS operates out of prestigious office space on Shovkovichna Street in Kyiv. It not only owns its own computer and communication equipment, but has access to more sophisticated hardware, including state-owned equipment, if needed in performance of its work.  Although, initially, UDS recommends the use of e-mail and Internet communications, it has access to satellite terminal communication equipment if needed.

 The UDS is prepared to assume full responsibility for state permits, licensing, taxes, legal issues, payroll, etc.  Furthermore, the UDS is prepared to administer a vastly expanded employee base, allocate and monitor assignments, distribute payroll, and provide translation and interpretive services and support.

The US side, for its part, is expected to provide the work, review performance, and make payment in accordance with contractual or employment terms. If the client finds it necessary to provide equipment or other furnishings, UDS will ensure the safety of such equipment.

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 All UDS personnel have completed higher education in computer science, and average between 3-7 years experience in programming.  They can develop applications for Intranet, Extranet, and Internet and use client-server technology, as well as pull & push technology, OLE, ActiveX, Automation OLE.

 Applications can be created for a variety of operating systems like Windows NT and Windows 9X, UNIX (HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, SunOS, SCO UNIX) and MacOS.   In addition, all available languages can be used in the programming, from Assembler to CASE-programming, and from C to COBOL.

 Highly professional applications for Oracle, Informix, Sybase, and MS SQL servers can be created for any working environment.

 UDS personnel have experience in developing information security systems to protect corporate networks, stand-alone computers, and mail servers.  They have developed cryptography systems for corporate networks, systems for secure circulation of documents, analytical systems for market monitoring, warehouse inventory and reordering systems, an automatic control workstation for the mechanical engineering department of a transport company, an analytical system for a chemical plant, etc.

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Terms of Employment

 The UDS recognizes that many of its potential US clients have had little or no experience with Ukrainian IT personnel.  Hence, it will perform, without prepayment, first initial assignments sufficient to demonstrate its capabilities.

 If the test work product is acceptable, and upon acceptance of a project, the UDS will enter into a binding agreement for performance at a rate commensurate with the level of complexity and expertise required for the project.  This will average $10 – 15 per hour, though some projects may be charged at lower rates, while others may be charged more.  In addition, UDS shall assess a 45 % administrative fee for profit and overhead.  If the client requires UDS personnel to travel to the US spend some time there, such trips shall be at the client’s expense.

UDS, as a matter of state policy, has a strong interest in maximizing employment opportunity for the citizens of Ukraine.  Hence, its fees, including compensation payable to its contract employees, will remain as low as possible to encourage all companies to use this resource.

 UDS is prepared to guarantee all its work.  If the client is not satisfied with performance of any part of the work-in-progress, no payment would be required for that part, unless the deficiency is timely corrected.

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