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We make high quality nameplates, metallic nameplates, custom labels, name tags, name plate tag, identification tags, personalized name tags and custom name plates that are tough enough to withstand the environmental or application stress that your products must endure. Whether it's sand abrasion, salt water, extreme heat or cold, chemical contact, or outdoor wear and tear, we are the expert source for industrial name plates that last. Find out more about all our products.

Delivery of our nameplate products is guaranteed to be free of defects and on time. Learn more about our guarantee and our commitment to you:

THE Metallic nameplates 100% GUARANTEE

At Metallic nameplates, our focus is on delivering high quality products like: Nameplates, Name Tags, Custom Labels, Industrial Name Plates, Personalized Name Tags and Indentification Tags every time. We are committed to performance excellence and conduct our business.

But our ultimate commitment is to you, our customer, and your satisfaction. In fact, we are so serious about customer satisfaction, we offer you a 100% guarantee: We will deliver your order free of any defects and on time,* or we will supply your order free of charge.

We hope you'll take advantage of this unprecedented way of serving customers today!

* On Time: The delivery period begins the day Metallic nameplates receives clear, legible specifications along with a detailed order form.

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